A shared passion for racing, improving riding skills and safety.

The Utah Sport Bike Association has spent more than thirty years as an advocate for racing, riding skills and safety. The all-volunteer, Utah non-profit corporation began in the early 80’s when the sport bike movement was in its infancy. Today, UtahSBA is bigger than ever, combining the enthusiasm and efforts of like-minded motorcyclists who share their passion for racing and improving riding skills. 

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The Vortex Masters of the Mountains motorcycle roadracing series at Utah Motorsports Campus.

The Vortex Masters of the Mountains (MoM) racing series is operated and sanctioned by UtahSBA and run exclusively at the Utah Motorsports Campus in Tooele, Utah.  Vortex Racing, the title sponsor, is a respected manufacturer of quality high-quality motorcycle components based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  MoM was created to encourage competitive motorcycle road racing at the club and regional levels. The series, with support of the exceptional track and facilities, has quickly turned into a premier event that draws racers from across the United States and Canada.  The six-round season typically has events one weekend per month, with ample practice sessions followed by exciting racing. 

2017 Racing Schedule

March 25 – New racer school / Test & Tune, UMC West Course
April 22-23 – Round 1, UMC West Course
May 20-21 – Round 2, UMC East Course (including ART)
June 17-18 – Round 3, UMC East Course (including ART)
July 22-23 – Round 4, UMC Perimeter Course (including ART on East)
September 2-3 – Round 5, UMC West Course (including ART)
September 30-October 1 – Round 6, UMC East Course

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Advanced Rider Training is core to the mission of UtahSBA.

The Advanced Rider Training (ART) course is committed to a quality rider education experience at a reasonable cost. UtahSBA firmly believes that an educated, skilled, and trained rider is a safer rider. The ART program helps accomplish these goals.  ART teaches a set of skills developed and practiced by the best motorcycle riders in the world, including the fundamental skills of vision, braking, accelerating, and managing changes of direction. The training consists of a mix of classroom instruction and discussion, parking lot drills, and significant track time where riders put their new skills to practice in a controlled environment.

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We ride, thanks to UtahSBA’s generous sponsors!


We couldn’t race or teach ART schools without support from our sponsors. These fine businesses support riders and UtahSBA because they love motorcycles, and they want to see the local community grow. Please support the local shops who subsidize the cost of your racing and ART training. The club strives to deliver a quality sponsorship experience and return value for those people and businesses that support our club. To learn more, contact a UtahSBA board member. 

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