From the President:
The Race School Wrap-up edition!

The UtahSBA ( is an ever-evolving organization. Being a volunteer run club we recognize the needs of our members and the club as a whole are almost constantly changing. This evolution led us to conclude that expanding our partnership with Apex Trackdays was both valuable and necessary.

Apex will be running trackdays every Friday before our events all season long – be sure to look them up at

Yesterday, for the first time, we ran a joint event with Apex where they handled the trackday and test and tune portion of the event while we ran the New Racer Certification (NRC) class. It was nothing short of a stunning success. Utilizing the strengths of both organizations we were able to provide valuable track time for our returning racers while also being able to focus very strongly on the group of racers who will be joining our races in the near future!

With 19 students, 18 of whom got licenses, in the class and a handful of dedicated instructors the day went really well. I want to take a moment to thank those who devoted their day to this program, specifically Alex Zinaich, Cole Phillips, Donald Rothfuss, Danny Egbert and Mark Barton. Each of these people contributed strongly to our success yesterday and showed extreme dedication to our students as they seek to join the ranks of people called “motorcycle racers”.

The weather was fantastic, the track is in good condition and the season feels totally ready to start…so just wait about 1 month, and it will. Our first round will take place on May 18-19 on the West Course at the Utah Motorsports Campus. Registration will open on Monday, April 22, so get to and get signed up! The easiest way to save money while racing is to take advantage of the pre-registration discount!

Between now and then take some time to make sure your bike and program are ready! We have a great group of new and returning sponsors this year, many of whom are in the business of helping you make sure you’re ready! I’m going to highlight a couple of them here, mostly because their businesses are expanding to serve the club in new ways in 2019!

Trackstar Racing is a great resource for parts, accessories, helmets, suits and other racing related equipment and is the Dunlop race tire supplier for the UtahSBA. It was great seeing Ian and Ryan out and about in the pits during the day yesterday working with racers to get their programs set for the year.

In addition to the services listed above, the Moto Station SLC offers full service dyno tuning and is the Pirelli trackside vendor for the UtahSBA in 2019.

I strongly encourage you to visit these (and all of our) sponsors as you get ready for your 2019 track season!

We will, without a doubt, miss Scott and Mel and the support they’ve provided to the club over the years by being our “one stop shop” for all things tires. We wish them the very best in this next chapter, but rest easy knowing that we have fantastic, long-term, committed people picking up where they have left off!

One of the changes that we put into place last year is the absorption of the supermoto club here in Utah. Now called UtahSBA Supermoto we had a great inaugural season last year, and will continue this year! One of the great benefits of being a UtahSBA road racer is that a supermoto license is included at no extra charge! Looking for a way to hone your racecraft and get more track time on non-roadracing weekends is easy, and we have a variety of classes available for dirt, supermoto and mini-moto bikes of (nearly) all types!

Heraclitus of Ephesus said “Change is the only constant”, and I’m sure that he was right. We have some changes coming to the UtahSBA in 2019 and beyond, but I’m fully confident in our leaders, our members, our partners and our sponsors to both survive and thrive in the face of change.

Now, go change your oil (it’s an important change to make), check your brake pads, clean and lube your chain! With the first laps of the year in the books, I can confidentially say we’re in for a great season of racing!

See you soon!