As a non-profit, the UtahSBA is completely made up of volunteers. People like you are what allow this organization to function. Everyone is giving their time and efforts to make each race weekend and training event happen [even this website]. 


There are three distinct types of roles within the UtahSBA. Each requiring varying amounts of time and overall commitment from the volunteer. Some are elected and serve a set term while others can be on-call when needed. You can reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at to find out which positions are open.


We hold elections every year for positions that have reached their full term. These officials are elected to run varying aspects of the club. Those roles require a serious commitment of time and efforts to ensure the success of the club. The volunteers generally are compensated with waived race fees. Such positions include:


Vice President


Director of Competition

Director of Membership

Director of Schools

Volunteer Coordinator



The Board appoints several key positions that require a higher commitment than regular volunteer duties. These individuals are generally chosen prior to the start of the race season and participate in every single race round. These volunteers generally are compensated with the standard hour credit. Such positions include:

Grid Marshall

Timing and Scoring

Start/Finish Flagger

Tech Inspection

Event Coordinator

Marketing Manager

Sponsorship Manager

ART Instructor

Supermoto Manager

Supermoto Race Manager


There are plenty of opportunities that only require a few hours of your time. The most common is helping out during a race weekend. If you are interested, the Volunteer Coordinator will assign you to the task where you’re most needed. Outside race days we use volunteers for promotional tabling at local bike events. These volunteers generally are compensated with the standard hour credit. Such positions include:

Event Tabling

Race Day Setup

Race Day Tear Down

Grid Posting

Corner Worker

Saturday BBQ


As a novice UtahSBA racer you are required to complete 4 hours of volunteer duties per season or pay a $100 fee. Those duties usually include what is within the scope of a regular volunteer. Failure to do so will result in the loss of any championship points you earned in the current season. This is not a requirement for our supermoto club.


Earning credit is simple. Before you can volunteer with us you need to create a free account at That is how we apply your credits for the hours you volunteer. When you’re ready, reach out to to find out what duties our Volunteer Coordinator has available. He will assign you a duty and will give you all the other info you need to get started.

1HR = $ 0

For every hour worked, you are awarded a $10 credit that can be applied towards racing fees or an ART class. Additionally, if you volunteer, but don’t have any desire to participate in racing or an ART class, you can donate your hours to anyone that races or wants to take an ART class. Awarded credits expire one year after issuing so don’t let them sit for too long!


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