Take Our New Racer Certification School For FREE (Contest)

Not one, but TWO lucky winners will be taking our April 20th NRC course free of charge — courtesy of our series sponsor Law Tigers Utah.
To enter, follow the link below to the Law Tigers site and fill out the entry form. One entry per person. Credits may be transferred but can only be used for the April 20th NRC. Two winners will be randomly selected Friday April 12th and announced Saturday, April 13th (One week prior to event).
If you’ve never raced before, or it’s been more than two years since you’ve held a novice or equivalent license with a recognized club, then you need to attend the New Racer Certification (NRC) class prior to purchasing your new race license. The class is offered twice a year in conjunction with Apex Trackdays. We reserve an entire session for the day so we get just as much track time as everyone else. The NRC course consists of classroom instruction and track time. The classroom instruction includes track familiarization, safety procedures, race procedures, flags, track courtesy, and other items.  Track time will consist of sighting laps, practice sessions, practice starts, and a mock race. Once you’ve safely completed the course, you are eligible to purchase a race license.
“Track day” prep
DOT and Snell approved full-face motorcycle helmet
Gauntlet-style gloves that overlap your leathers
Boots that extend above the ankle and overlap your leathers
One-piece or two-piece leather suit with at least a 270-degree zipper + Back protector
NRC Registration