Volunteer Opportunities with the Utah Sport Bike Association

As a Utah non-profit corporation, the UtahSBA is completely made up of volunteers. People like you are what allow this organization to host events, with rates considerably lower than most other race organizations across the country.  None of the people that work to make each race weekend or training event happen are paid for their efforts, and this cost-savings and enthusiasm is passed on to riders. UtahSBA is always looking for volunteers! 

UtahSBA “employs” several people full-time.  These positions consist primarily of the board members, but other key positions include timing and scoring, pre-race motorcycle tech inspector, start/finish flagger, and grid marshal.  These individuals are generally chosen prior to the start of the race season due to the long term commitment required, and they typically participate in every single race round, although they are not involved in organization administrative matters requiring attention between race rounds. Keep in mind, all of the above positions require a serious commitment, and your presence will be required for both days of every race round. If you’re interested, reach out to a UtahSBA board member for more information.

If you would like to donate your, but can only do a day here and there, there are plenty of opportunities that only require your time for a few hours. The first, and most common, is helping out during a race weekend.  There are many different things that need to be done, and if you’re interested, the Volunteer Coordinator will assign you to the task where you’re most needed.  A second way to help the club is to help us “table” different events at various bike nights and other external venues.  This typically entails sitting at booth and just talking to people and educating them about who the UtahSBA.

Novice racers are required to volunteer

Racers that hold a Novice license are required to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per year.  Failure to do so could result in the loss of any points accrued throughout the year.  The 8-hour requirement can be waived by paying a $100-dollar donation to the UtahSBA.

Earning Volunteer Credit

Earning credit is simple … For every hour worked, you are awarded a $10 credit that can be applied towards racing or ART classes.  Additionally, if you volunteer, but don’t have any desire to participate in racing or an ART class, you can donate your hours to anyone that races or wants to take an ART class.

To be awarded credit, you’ll need to communicate with our Volunteer Coordinator so that hours can be efficiently assigned and tracked, tell you exactly what you’ll be doing, and where and when to be.  Secondly, you’ll have to create a profile on Motorsportreg.com.  This is the website through which you register for events.  Hours earned are credited through this system, and any payments for events you would like to participate in are collected through this website as well.  Finally, if you aren’t keeping the credits that you earn, and would like to donate them to another person, make sure to let the Volunteer Coordinator know so that the credits can be awarded to the appropriate individual.

Volunteers are the backbone of this organization, and whether you keep the credits you earn or not, all help is greatly appreciated, and we love to see new faces at race rounds and other UtahSBA events. Volunteering with the club helps the organization, it helps the sport bike community, and you’ll meet a lot of great people in the process.