UtahSBA leads press conference to address sale of Miller Motorsports Park

On December 22, 2015, incoming UtahSBA President Scott Rybarik lead a press conference to address the sale of Miller Motorsports Park, and Judge Robert Adkins’ ruling in favor of Center Point Management, the development company that lost its bid to buy the property. All major local TV stations were in attendance.

The halting of the sale of the property to MiTime puts all 2016 plans for the facility in jeopardy, with a huge potential impact to the community of Tooele and local businesses related to the track.

Speakers at the event included:

  • Scott Rybarik – President – Utah Sport Bike Association
  • Rod Kujaczynski – General Manager – RaceCo
  • Kelly Rees – Owner – Trackstar Motorsports
  • Chris Sloan – Tooele County Chamber of Commerce
  • George Smith – Racer, and Tooele County resident

Key points addressed:

  • Facility being open, with regularly scheduled events, greatly contributes to the economy of Tooele, as well as the Economy of the state of Utah.
  • The unknown future of the facility is having a negative effect on a wide range of local businesses, whether they are built specifically around the track or not.
  • Races and other track events are booked 6 months or more in advance, and this current delay could quickly snowball into a loss of most or even all of the 2016 season.
  • Any drastic reduction in events for the 2016 season could take years for businesses and sanctioning bodies to recover from.
  • Mitime Investments has publicly stated and widely distributed a detailed plan to create the Utah Motorsports Campus in harmony with the existing Utah motorsports community, and national events. This is in stark contrast to the proposal from Center Point Management, which, by comparison, is sparse in detail and has not been publicly presented.

More information at: www.savemmpnow.com


Scott Rybarikpresident@utahsba.com, 720-988-9828

Dave Kizeriandave@nasautah.com, 801-673-7344

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