The Law Tigers Masters of the Mountains motorcycle roadracing series at Utah Motorsports Campus.

The Law Tigers Masters of the Mountains (MoM) racing series is operated and sanctioned by UtahSBA and run exclusively at the Utah Motorsports Campus in Tooele, Utah.  MoM was created to encourage competitive motorcycle road racing at the club and regional levels. The series, with support of the exceptional track and facilities, has quickly turned into a premier event that draws racers from across the United States and Canada.  The six-round season typically has events one weekend per month, with ample practice sessions followed by exciting racing.

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2019 Racing Schedule

April 20 – New Racer School / Test & Tune
May 18-19 – Round 1, UMC West Course
June 8-9 – Round 2, UMC East Course
July 13-14 – Round 3, UMC West Course
August 24-25 – Round 4, UMC East Course
September 14-15 – Round 5, UMC Perimeter Course + Endurance Race
September 28-29 – Round 6, UMC West Course

2018 Racing Schedule

April 14 – New racer school / Test & Tune, UMC West Course  register
May 19-20 – Round 1, UMC East Course  RESULTS
June 16-17 – Round 2, UMC West Course  RESULTS | standings
July 14-15 – Round 3, UMC East Course  standings
August 18-19 – Round 4, UMC Perimeter Course  RESULTS | standings
September 1-2 – Round 5, UMC West Course  RESULTS | standings
September 29-30 – Round 6, UMC East Course  RESULTS | standings

Garages, RV camping and electrical can be reserved through UMC’s website

The Masters of the Mountains race series has classes to suit every type of rider.  From first year novice to seasoned expert, there is a place for you. For more information, see the official rulebook.  The MoM series also offers classes that suit a wide variety of motorcycles, so you can race on anything from a Production 300 bike to a purpose built, open class superbike. The competition can get fierce in every class, so no matter your bike or your skill level, be prepared for some serious competition, and some serious fun. Log on to for a list of event dates.

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In addition to regular UtahSBA licensed racers, there are three way to get on the track

New Racer Certification for just $200 – If you’ve never raced before, or it’s been more than two years since you’ve held a novice or equivalent license with a recognized club, then you need to attend the New Racer Certification (NRC) class.  The class is held on the Saturday of select race weekends. Log on to for a list of event dates.

The NRC course consists of classroom instruction and track time.  The classroom instruction includes track familiarization, safety procedures, race procedures, flags, track courtesy, and other items.  Track time will consist of a sighting laps, practice starts, and a mock race.  Once you’ve safely completed the course, you need to purchase your race license, and you can race as a Provisional Novice.  You can complete the NRC with a “track day” prepped machine, but you’ll have to have a fully race-prepped machine before you’ll be allowed to grid up for an official race.  The cost of this class is $200.  If you move directly to racing on Sunday, you’ll want to be sure that your bike is correctly prepped (covered in the NRC) and you’ll need a transponder (rental transponders are available).  If you don’t have access to one, the club rents them for $50 per weekend.

If you’ve got additional questions about racing, contact UtahSBA’s Director of Schools.

Street GP for just $100 – If you’ve never raced, and you’re not entirely sure that you’re ready for that level of commitment, the Street GP class is for you.  UtahSBA introduced the Street GP in 2014 to give sport bike riders the experience of racing without having to invest in a fully prepped race bike. Licensed riders aren’t allowed to compete in this class, so it’s the perfect venue to test yourself, and stack yourself up against other riders.  Street GP has had an impressive participation every round, so come test your skills and mix it up with other riders.  The class is held every Saturday of race weekends, and only requires track day preparation of the bike.

Street GP consists of a brief classroom session, then just hopping on your bike and gridding up. The classroom session must be attended before you’ll be allowed to race.  No matter how many times you’ve raced in the Street GP, you still have to attend the entire Street GP format.  Street GP is an excellent way to get on the track cheaply and experience the thrill of competition on two wheels. Log on to for a list of event dates.

Reciprocity Racing – UtahSBA recognizes the current race licenses of the following organizations: AFM, AMA, AHRMA, CCS, CMRA,  CRA, MRA, OMRRA, SMRI, USGPRU, WERA, WMRRA, CVMA. Other licensesmay be accepted at the discretion of the UtahSBA Director of Competition or President.

NRC and Street GP Motorcycle Requirements

  • Good tires with at least 3/32″ tread depth
  • Tape mirrors, lenses and lights.
  • It is recommended to remove the mirrors and disconnect the headlight
  • Motorcycle must be in good working condition. This means nothing hanging off, general cleanliness, thick brake linings, good chain and sprocket, good fork seals etc.
  • No glycol-based coolant. Radiator and cooling system must be drained, thoroughly flushed and filled with water/WaterWetter

NRC and Street GP Safety Gear Requirements

  • Helmet (recent DOT or Snell or European certification)
  • Leathers – one piece, or two piece with at least a 270-degree zipper.
  • Gauntlet-style gloves; must overlap your leathers
  • Boots that extend above the ankle and overlap your leathers
  • Back protector

Lap Records at UMC

East Course:
1000cc Shane Turpin – 1:31.824 (MoM3, 2016 Open Superbike)
600cc Jason Perez – 1:34.737 (MoM3, 2006 Middleweight Superbike)

West Course:
1000cc Josh Hayes – 1:27.979 (Superbike Shootout, 2014)
600cc Garrett Gerloff – 1:29.772 (Superbike Shootout, 2014)

Perimeter Course:
1000cc Carlos Checca – 1:47.081 (WSBK Superpole ’10)
600cc Joan Lascorz – 1:51.749 (WSS Qualifying, ‘09)

Full Course:
1000cc Ben Spies – 2:45.112 (AMA qualifying ’08)
600cc Jake Zemke – 2:50.340 (AMA fx warm-up ’08)